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Some believe the DJ drops are strictly for musical use, when in reality, they’re used to make sure your audience will never forget you. DJ drops help in every way to help impact the message you’re trying to get out to your audience, in a new fresh, creative way by providing custom voice greetings, website intros, sexy female voice overs, audio book voice covers, radio station imaging, and radio drops. Every drop is put together in our Pro tools HD recording studio to give you our best work, and is nothing like you’ve ever heard.  Our staff is cut from a different cloth and some of the best in this business. We’re a group of highly- trained, voice over professionals, and are here to help create a sound that will indeed make you unforgettable.  Check out some our work below.

#1 Professional radio style Custom DJ Drops

Free Studio Mastering of all drops in Pro Tools HD

  • Brand Yourself
  • Promote Music
  • Mixing Live Shows
  • Bring The Mix Alive

Create DJ Drops To Brand Yourself

Every DJ wants to be recognized for his or her own unique sound, but how do you get your audience to associate your sound with you personally? custom DJ Drops can work your name right into your mix, leaving no doubt about who made the music. It’s a tool to personalize your creations and establish your brand.

Promote Your Music

Using an online audio distribution platform or any other way you choose to get your music out there, We Create DJ Drops to help you  promote your sound every time and everywhere they are played. Just like a familiar song that gets stuck in a listener’s mind, your created drop will reverberate long after the music stops.

Mixing Live Shows

What DJ hasn’t had the misfortune of a huge break between songs, prompting the party goers to head for the bar, their respective tables or otherwise lose interest in the music? Every DJ has been there, but no DJ needs to go there again. The Drops bridge the gap between every song seamlessly. Go from track to track with ease and keep your audience with you.  Beat Tags | Female DJ Drops |Artist Drops |DJ Intros |Radio Imaging | DJ Intros | DJ Slogans | NightClub Radio Spots

Bring The Mix Alive

Nothing gives a mix a professional club-like sound the way a perfect Create DJ does. You hear pro dj Drops from the biggest names in radio and club music and you understand how they achieved success and why They are so widely known. Adding our DJ Drops to your mixes creates an energy all your own; something that sets you apart just like it does for the pros.

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